There is a germen version with more Infos. The english docu of guestoo will be available soon.

Here you will find the most important information about dealing with guestoo including the frequently asked questions.
guestoo is very easy to use and we have included an info text in each section with the most important information about the respective page. Therefore we only deal with the more complex points in the documentation and offer a page for the first steps with guestoo. If we find that there is still a need to explain certain points, we'll extend the documentation further.

Du kannst für das guestoo Back-End zwischen zwei Darstellungsoptionen wählen. Die Screenshots in der Doku basieren auf dem "Klassischen Design".
Hier siehst Du die Unterschiede, damit Du dich auch im "Modernen Design" zurecht findest: » guestoo Back-End-Design