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We believe that guestoo can only get better if we get feedback from you.
Therefore we are looking forward to your requests for new features, criticism and suggestions for improvement.
If you have questions about using guestoo or need advice because you haven't decided yet whether you want to use guestoo, your requests are also welcome.

Du kannst für das guestoo Back-End zwischen zwei Darstellungsoptionen wählen. Die Screenshots in der Doku basieren auf dem "Klassischen Design".
Hier siehst Du die Unterschiede, damit Du dich auch im "Modernen Design" zurecht findest: » guestoo Back-End-Design

BUGS, feature requests, criticism, suggestions, praise

Make guestoo better!

Please send your request (incl. screenshots, detailed descriptions or examples) to:

In emergencies you can also reach us by telephone at:

0201 - 85 89 57 47

In general, the sooner you report an error to us, the faster we can fix it. Usually within a few hours - depending on the severity of the error.

Sales Support

Help with the decision for guestoo or demo requests

Please send your request (including details on the type and scope of your project) to:

For urgent inquiries you can also reach us by phone at:

0201 - 85 89 57 47