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Company events, customer events, weddings and more. Online, simple, clever and GDPR compliant.

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We believe that guest management should be fun, simple and respectful of guests' data!

guestoo is that easy

guestoo enables complex and professional guest management. Both for agencies and companies as well as for private individuals. But it is easy to handle.

Many applications, one solution!

Whether companies or private individuals

No matter if you are organizing thousands of events with hundreds of guests or only one event per year. Whether you have a simple guest list or an export with appeared guests for the tax office. No matter if you look online or via API in your own CRM. No matter if SaaS or on your own server. guestoo can do it!

Customer events incl. hotel contingents


As a car dealer, you can, for example, offer special customers exclusive test drives or special sales events. With guestoo you can invite certain customer groups to events. They can confirm your participation and provide the necessary data directly through our freely configurable registration forms. Afterwards you have the possibility to export all guests directly for the tax return.

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Events, Parties, Conferences


Do you organize parties, conferences or other events for which people can register and want to get away from Excel lists and e-mail registrations? No problem!


Private individuals

Weddings are something special. Therefore, invitations should often be made individually and usually printed. No problem with guestoo. You can print each guest's individual invitation code on the invitation. They can then cancel or accept the invitation, and when registering, each guest can specify whether they want a meat or fish menu, for example (you can see the result clearly on the event statistics).

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Birthday or pot-luck parties and private events

Private individuals

Even larger birthday parties with many guests or other private events can be planned quickly and easily with guestoo. If you want to organize a pot-luck party, you can now organize it easily and comfortably with guestoo. In the registration mask every guest can see what is needed, what is already brought along and can indicate how much of what is still needed they will bring along.

Parent meetings, theme nights, etc.

Schools, kindergartens and more

Info evenings for the parents of first-graders or theme evenings for all parents. What, when, where for the parents. Who comes with whom for the organizers. guestoo makes it possible!

Shop openings, exhibitions, ...

Tradespersons, agencies, etc.

Whether publicly or only for a selected circle of customers, journalists or friends. Everything is individually adjustable for the event. And you can see at a glance who is coming and how much you have to organize.

Training sessions


Maintain your training dates incl. number of participants and let interested parties register. You always have an overview of how many places are still available and who wants to participate.

Prize draw

Companies, bloggers, influencers, ...

Determine which information is necessary and which is voluntary to enter the prize draw. More complex contests with photos or file uploads are also possible. Give the participant the chance to register for your newsletter (legally compliant) or get other declarations of consent when registering (e.g. the rights to use the uploaded photos or the confirmation of age). Of course also properly logged.


Many functions, easy to use!

guestoo does a lot to ensure smooth guest management. Much of this happens automatically and in the background. This avoids mistakes and makes operation easier. Here are a few things we think are particularly helpful.

Free of charge is free of charge. You pay neither with your nor with your guests' data. Promised!


Transparent and fair!

We finance the free accounts through paid accounts - if more features are desired. No advertising, no selling of data!

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