Guest & participant management for your events!

With guestoo you have the perfect tool to organise company events, customer events, seminars, parties, concerts, weddings and more easily and online - on your own or in a team. Professional, fully comprehensive and data protection compliant.

Developed in Germany, operated on German servers.

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Organise all areas of your event easily and online

Without programming knowledge - save time, avoid mistakes and offer your guests a professional experience

Through the cooperation with event organisers from various fields, guestoo has become a practical and flexible system that covers not only parts, but the entire event planning process - as a single user or in a planning team:

We protect what's dear to you:
Your guest's data

Over 18,000+ clients already trust us

Safety and data protection are an important core element of all our projects. In addition to our internal measures, we also have guestoo undergo an annual pentest.

All data is stored on servers in Germany or the EU at a German company without a parent company in a non-European country.

  • Server in Germany
  • Contract for commissioned data processing according to the German DSGVO
  • ISO 27001 certified date centre
  • Technical & organisational measures
  • Annual penetration test by external service provider

14.000+ Clients
33.000+ Events
1.330.000+ Guests
75.000+ E-Mails / week
We believe guest management should be fun, simple and respectful of your guests' data!

Flexible guest & participant management

In guestoo you can customise each event as you need it and integrate it the way you like it

guestoo is a powerful tool with which you can set up every single event the way you need it. All this without programming knowledge and with only one account.

For the promotion of your event you can use the event page that guestoo automatically generates for you in your design or just use the registration form and integrate it into your existing website.

If you want even more, you can customise everything with the guestoo API and use guestoo as an event management framework.

Transparent pricing

Sign up & start immediately - no hidden cost

After registration, guestoo is immediately at your disposal for the planning of your events.

You can change your subscription monthly without notice (e.g. to the Free plan).
The "Free" plan is 100% free of charge and can also be used for smaller events.


€ 0,00* / month
  • max. 2 simultaneously active events
  • max. 50 Contacts
  • - additional administrative staff
  • Highlights
    Dynamic registration forms // Acceptance & cancellation function // Timeslots (test drives, workshops, ...) // Hotel contingents // Personalized elements


€ 7,90* / month
  • max. 6 simultaneously active events
  • max. 300 Contacts
  • max. 2 additional administrative staff
  • Highlights
    Everything from Free // Paid Tickets // Event API


€ 69* / month
  • max. 10 simultaneously active events
  • max. 600 Contacts
  • max. 5 additional administrative staff
  • Highlights
    Everything from Basic // Ad-free // Advanced Ticket Options // Checkin Notification // Custom Fonts // Survey Function // Timed Mailings


€ 159* / month
  • max. 20 simultaneously active events
  • max. 2.000 Contacts**
  • max. 10 additional administrative staff
  • Highlights
    Everything from Pro // Real multilingualism // Extended API // Edit mail templates completely free // Own translations // Hall plan

* Brutto Preis inkl. 19% MwSt. // ** more possible against surcharge (see tariff details)
Informationen zu einer Enterprise-Lösung of guestoo with significantly more visitors, administrative staff, etc. you get on Request

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No matter if companies or private individuals

Many use cases, one solution!

guestoo helps with guest management, no matter in which field. Large events, premium corporate events, employee benefits, football matches, drive-in cinemas, ... with guestoo you organise everything in one tool and individually for each event.

Events, parties, concerts, conferences, …

Events, parties, concerts, conferences, …

With tickets and seating plan as required

You organise parties, conferences or other events where people can register (paid, free, with a hall plan, ...) and want to get away from Excel lists and email registrations? No problem!

Example: Party with admission Example: Book tickets with seating plan

Topic page: Car dealers

Topic page: Car dealers

Manage test drive weeks, customer events & more easily

Offer special customers exclusive test drives including free timeslots or invite them to special sales events.
All this in your own design, convenient for your customers and DSGVO-compliant.
Afterwards, you have the option of sending a satisfaction survey to all customers who attended, providing them with photos of the event or exporting the guests who attended for tax purposes.

Demo: Book test drive Demo: Paid special

More information about guestoo for car dealers
Topic page: Digital and hybrid events

Topic page: Digital and hybrid events

Guest management for Zoom, Teams, JITSI, …

guestoo complements Zoom, Teams & other online event tools with the missing guest management such as invitation, registration, check-in, surveys, mailings & more. This is the only way to turn virtual meetings into professional online events! guestoo also has a solution for hybrid events...

Demo incl. check-in

More information about guestoo for digital events
Topic page: Education, coaches, etc.

Topic page: Education, coaches, etc.

Manage participants, organise registrations & create certificates

With guestoo you can easily organise your events (including the registration process) and then automatically create one or more different participant certificates and send them to the chosen participants.

More information about guestoo for educational institutions & coaches
Topic page: Corona quick tests before admission

Topic page: Corona quick tests before admission

Organise corona quick tests & integrate them into your event

With guestoo you can organise Corona quick tests including inflow control, test procedure and automatic notification via e-mail (+ certificate) & SMS and integrate them into your event workflow - without any additional software.

More information about the organisation of Corona quick tests
Topic page: Guest data collection

Topic page: Guest data collection

Guest data collection incl. mobile phone number verification

DSGVO-compliant recording of your guests' data incl. verification of the mobile phone number and optional inflow control with timeslots.
In case of an incident, guestoo offers you an export of the affected guests and the possibility to send a mailing immediately.

Demo: Hospital Demo: Restaurant

More information about guest data collection
Topic page: Churches, houses of prayer, mosques

Topic page: Churches, houses of prayer, mosques

Organise & document visitors

guestoo helps to comply with the Corona regulations at church services or simply to organise the flow of visitors.
Not only online, but on request also on site or in person (e.g. in the parish office).

guestoo for your house of prayer
Topic page: Sports clubs

Topic page: Sports clubs

Registration, inflow regulation, documentation (according to Corona requirements), ticket sales, ...

Give your visitors the opportunity to register online before the game. This way you know how many people will come in and you already have the data of the visitors documented digitally. On the day of the match, you simply scan the tickets and will know who was there and when. If necessary, you can also check the visitors out again when they leave the grounds - this way you have documented everything cleanly in accordance with the applicable Corona regulations. You decide whether they are paid games or whether the guests are allowed to attend free of charge. And best of all: We don't deduct any commission from the tickets you sell!
We have put together a special rate for sports clubs that is easy on your club's budget and still allows you to do a lot in guestooo.

More information for sports clubs
Topic page: Swimming pools and outdoor pools

Topic page: Swimming pools and outdoor pools

Control inflow & document guests

Control the number of visitors to your swimming pool or open-air pool through online registrations and directly document the data of your pool guests.
guestoo can be used for individual swimming pools, bathing lakes, municipal bathing establishments and much more.

The best thing about it: guestoo can be easily integrated into existing businesses!

More information for swimming pools
Topic page: Weddings

Topic page: Weddings

Printed invitations also possible, accept & decline option, who eats fish, who eats meat, ...

Weddings are something special. Therefore, the invitations should be individual and usually printed. No problem with guestoo. You can print each guest's individual invitation code on the invitation. With this, they can accept or cancel and when registering, each guest can indicate whether they would like the meat or fish menu for example (you can see the details in the statistics of the event).

Example: Wedding page

More information about guest management for your wedding
Topic page: Cities and communities

Topic page: Cities and communities

Events, concerts, room bookings, ...

Display venues in your city, including the option to integrate room booking requests.
Guest and participant management for your own events or the organisers of your city.
A solution for all participants. Your city. Your events. Your guestoo :)
And if you like, the whole system is also available on your server incl. back end in the design of your city.

More about guestoo in city marketing
Topic page: Restaurants & gastronomy

Topic page: Restaurants & gastronomy

Guest management, table reservation & room booking

No matter if you want to offer table reservations, rent out rooms for events or organise a traditional party. With guestoo, you have a system that you can use to manage everything very easily.
You can also implement the digital documentation of the guests in accordance with the applicable Corona regulations with guestoo!

guestoo for restaurants & gastronomy
Incentive trips

Incentive trips

organised easily

Organise your incentive trips easily with guestoo. Give your employees all the information they need on a customisable event page and request all the necessary travel data in a registration form. In addition to managing the data, guestoo gives you the opportunity to keep the participants up to date with mailings, conduct satisfaction surveys and much more.

Customer events, test drives, ...

Customer events, test drives, ...

Including hotel contingent and timeslots/workshop booking

As a car dealer, you can offer exclusive test drives or special sales events to special customers. With guestoo you can invite certain customer groups to events. They can confirm their participation and enter the necessary data directly through our customisable registration forms. Afterwards you have the possibility to export all guests for your tax return. Hotel contingents can also be maintained and the desired rooms can be requested directly during registration - including availability.

Example: Event microsite

In-house & Sales fairs

In-house & Sales fairs

Incl. integration and appointment with the sales department

With guestoo you can easily organise in-house or sales fairs. But it's not just the invitations and acceptances or cancellations that you have under control with guestoo. Because guestoo can do so much more! For example, how about connecting your sales department directly with their clientele? That way the guest can book an on-site appointment with their salesperson directly during the registration process. And each salesperson can see which of their customers have already registered and follow up with the others accordingly. Hotel allotments, party attendance and much more can also be easily organised.

Example: Trade fair invitation + making an appointment

Employee forums (further training, benefits, team building, ...)

Employee forums (further training, benefits, team building, ...)

Including Single SignOn, azure sso login, …

guestoo can be easily integrated into existing employee portals. For example, you can create all training opportunities or company events in guestoo and display them in the employee portal to specific employee groups (by location, department, etc.). This is easily done by integrating an iFrame.
The employee is identified via SingleSignOn (e.g. azure sso login) and only has to click the participation button and fill in any necessary event-specific fields.

Shop openings, exhibitions, ...

Shop openings, exhibitions, ...

Including accompanying person regulation, Check-in & Check-out, ...

Whether public or only for a selected circle of customers, journalists or friends. Everything can be individually set for the event. And you can see at a glance who is coming and how much you have to organise.

Private events

Private events

Birthdays, potluck parties, weekend trips

Even larger birthday parties with many guests or other private events can be planned quickly and easily with guestoo. If you want to organise a potluck party, you can coordinate it easily and comfortably with guestoo. In the registration mask, each guest can see what is needed and what is already being brought and can indicate how much of what is still needed they are bringing.

Example: Potluck party

Parents' events, school celebrations, graduation parties, graduation balls, etc.

Parents' events, school celebrations, graduation parties, graduation balls, etc.

Schulen, Kitas, etc.

Information evenings for the parents of the little ones or themed evenings for all parents. Simply send the link to the event to the parents and you will quickly know who is coming.
But also the advance sale for graduation parties or the graduation ball can be easily organised with guestoo. Including seating plan and paid tickets (we don't take any commission here).



Companies, bloggers, influencers …

Specify which information is required for participating in the competition and which is optional. More complex competitions with photos or file uploads are also possible. Give participants the chance to register for your newsletter (in compliance with the law) or obtain other consent declarations directly during registration (e.g. the rights to use the uploaded photos or confirmation of the legal age). Of course, this is also properly logged.

Organise events & guests easily! guestoo makes guest management easy!